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Are you getting ready for your big move but you still need boxes and packing supplies. Well look no further, Ahadi Movers has partnered with reputable Boxes and Packing Supplies vendors who can save you time and money so you can pack your house before we arrive!

Take a quick walk around your home right now. All of your furniture will probably be part of your move, but what about everything that’s harder to calculate – or even remember that you own? This walkthrough is a good time to prioritize everything for your move. What do you absolutely want or need to pack? What junk has been sitting in closets, your garage, or your attic that’s never used even seasonally? Most importantly, how many boxes do you need? Make a checklist, prioritize, and then divide and conquer.

A Simple Guide for Packing your House or Apartment

Once you have your list, you’re ready to begin the packing process. You’ll obviously need to buy a certain number of boxes depending on how many you already have around your home. We recommend purchasing boxes in a variety of sizes. It’s better to pack some items compactly and in smaller quantities, rather than packing items in the largest boxes possible, so that padding material offers the most protection. When purchasing, look for boxes that are made of corrugated cardboard. These last significantly longer and are more durable than standard cardboard boxes. Pick up plastic wrap and packing peanuts to protect any fragile belongings you pack. Make sure you’ve bought sturdy packing tape to keep your boxes tightly shut and structurally sound during the move.

Movers’ Liability for Packed Items

Most movers will not hold themselves liable for belongings that have been damaged during a move if they have not packed the boxes themselves. Ahadi Movers sends out to you the most experienced movers in the business, who take great care of everything we touch. However, it’s up to you to ensure that your belongings are protected and prepared for the journey ahead.

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