Some Things Are Harder To Move Than Others – But we love pets as well
Ahadi Movers is proud to offer an affordable yet premium quality pet transport service designed to keep your pet safe and happy, no matter where you are relocating. We understand that your pet is an important part of your family, that’s why we make keeping them safe and comfortable during the relocation process a priority. Our professional pet transfer specialists will provide your pet with the service and care necessary to make sure it has a safe, comfortable, and stress-free moving experience.

We Can Help Your Pet Feel Secure And Comfortable

Our pet transfer specialists ensure your pet enjoys a safe and comfortable relocation while adhering to East Africa’s stringent quarantine requirements. We will work with you and our trusted service providers to design a customized solution to ensure that your pet arrives at your new destination at its scheduled time. As part of our comprehensive relocation services, we can also arrange reliable boarding services for your pet with our attentive service providers, all of whom have been subjected to extensive checks and are recognized as leaders in their industry.

Custom Service for Your Pet

It is our goal to make sure that your pet gets the special treatment they deserve during your long distance relocation. Whether your pet has special diet or space requirements, our pet transfer specialists will accommodate its unique needs with a solution that stays within the guidelines provided by East Africa’s strict quarantine requirements. If you are relocating long distance and require transport or boarding services for your pet, contact us and speak to one of our relocation specialists.
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